Your Feedback

This is just some of the great feedback we've received from the thousands of VATSIM users that have flown through Vancouver!

"Amazing atc from both tower and center after I had taken a short vfr trip from the Vancouver area. Willing to stay on a bit later to help as well as keep everything fun."

Controller: Basile Papillon

"I had my first vatsim flight in years last week. I was trying out my new home cockpit setup and the traffic was not much at the time. The approach controller at yyj assisted me with verifying my physical transponder functioned as I expected so that Atc would get the right info from my system. The whole hour session in the pattern following was so immersive and fun and the Atc was very professional. Thanks so much czvr!"

Controller: Alexander Jonsson

"Very patient / kind controller as I was having a big of an off night. Thanks!"

Controller: Basile Papillon

Here at Vancouver, feedback is something we have always valued. Your suggestions, criticisms and hints make us better controllers! If you haven't yet sent us some feedback about a recent experience you've had on the network, you can do so HERE.