We Are Vancouver.

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Come explore the left of Canada.  

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Abbotsford Virtual Airshow '24  June 1, 2024 18:00z
Cross The Provinces Eastbound  June 9, 2024 18:00z

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CYVR - Vancouver International Airport   VFR
CYVR 252000Z 22007KT 180V250 20SM FEW042 BKN055 13/07 A2991 RMK SC2SC5 SLP132

CYYJ - Victoria International Airport   VFR
CYYJ 252000Z 22012G20KT 30SM FEW020 SCT055 BKN120 BKN210 15/06 A2992 RMK SC1SC3AC2CI1 SC TR SLP134

CYLW - Kelowna International Airport   VFR
CYLW 252104Z AUTO 24017KT 200V270 9SM SCT081 BKN099 18/03 A2969 RMK SLP053 DENSITY ALT 2400FT

CYXS - Prince George Airport   MVFR
CYXS 252049Z AUTO 18012KT 9SM BKN022 BKN027 OVC060 12/07 A2964 RMK WSHFT AT 2036Z SLP049 DENSITY ALT 2800FT

CYXX - Abbotsford International Airport   MVFR
CYXX 252000Z CCA 19009KT 15SM FEW008 BKN024 BKN037 BKN048 12/07 A2992 RMK SF1CU5SC1SC1 SF TR SLP134

CYQQ - Comox Valley Airport / CFB Comox   VFR
CYQQ 252000Z 04006KT 20SM FEW040 SCT047 BKN130 14/04 A2989 RMK CU1SC4AC1 DENSITY ALT 75FT SLP122