We Are Vancouver.

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Come explore the left of Canada.  

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DEVIN A's S2 OTS  September 30, 2023 20:00z
Rocky mountains Crossfire  October 14, 2023 23:00z
Coast to coast v2  November 11, 2023 17:00z

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CYVR - Vancouver International Airport   VFR
CYVR 281000Z 09007KT 20SM FEW013 BKN059 OVC080 11/11 A3004 RMK SC1SC6AC1 SLP175

CYYJ - Victoria International Airport   VFR
CYYJ 281000Z 16006KT 20SM BKN035 BKN078 12/12 A3004 RMK SC5AC2 SLP174

CYLW - Kelowna International Airport   VFR
CYLW 281000Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM OVC091 10/09 A2996 RMK SLP154

CYXS - Prince George Airport   VFR
CYXS 281000Z AUTO 17006KT 9SM -RA BKN036 BKN066 OVC110 07/07 A2988 RMK SLP132

CYXX - Abbotsford International Airport   VFR
CYXX 281045Z 21003KT 15SM SCT030 BKN077 OVC110 11/10 A3004 RMK SC3AC3AC2 SLP176

CYQQ - Comox Valley Airport / CFB Comox   VFR
CYQQ 281025Z 00000KT 20SM FEW012 SCT060 BKN082 BKN110 10/09 A3000 RMK SC1SC4AC2AC1 DENSITY ALT -400FT SLP160